Nice Grid

The first smart solar energy district in France

Nice Grid

Testing a smart solar energy district

Located in the municipality of Carros (Alpes-Maritimes), the aim of Nice Grid is to test a smart solar energy district that will use innovative technologies such as Linky meters and the islanded mode technique.
Testing a smart solar energy district

From consumer to

Consumers can play a key role in the electrical systems of tomorrow in various ways:

  • by reorganising energy consumption to periods where energy is abundant
  • by storing energy when it is produced in order to consume it later (where the consumer is producing their own energy through renewable means, for example)
  • by reducing their electrical consumption during periods of extreme cold, to allow for a moderation of peak demand (using load shedding techniques or even by operating inverters, for example)
From consumer to 'pro-sumer' (producer-consumer)

Nice Grid in figures

200 photovoltaic sites

with 2.5MWp capacity

2 MW of storage

using batteries

3 MW of voluntary

load shedding


residential, business and community users